Honda Transaxle Fluid Tampa FL

Honda Transaxle Fluid Tampa FL

Are your vehicle axles getting the proper lubrication they need? If not, then it is possible you are low on transaxle fluid, or it may be dirty. At Palm Harbor Honda, we are happy to inspect your axles for proper fluids, as well as top them off as needed.

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Clean transaxle fluid will appear as a red color. As time goes on, the color will begin to get darker, which is OK. If you find that your transaxle fluid is low - or, worse, your vehicle is leaking fluid, then it is time to get to Palm Harbor Honda immediately to repair the leak or top off the fluid in your axle.

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Automatic Transaxle Fluid Change | What is Transaxle Fluid?

Simply put, transaxle fluid is used in automatic transmissions to keep the transmission itself lubricated. Generally the fluid is colored green to help distinguish the liquid from other fluids in your engine in case there is a leak somewhere in your engine.

Transaxle fluid is what keeps your transmission running smoothly, so next to getting an oil change regularly, having your transaxle fluid checked, drained, and topped off should be at the top of your list for keeping your Honda Accord happy and healthy. If you are ever under the suspicion that your car, truck or SUV is in need of a transaxle fluid change, then don't hesitate to schedule an appointment online with us immediately to bring in your Honda CR-V for service.

Get Transaxle Fluid Changed Near Tampa FL | Manual Transaxle Fluid Leak

You should never have to debate getting vital service done for your car due to a fear of the price. At Palm Harbor Honda we offer multiple specials and discounts for our customers to make sure that regardless of if you are in need of a full synthetic oil change or even a tire alignment service for your car, we can offer you the best deals possible in the entire Tampa Florida area.

Palm Harbor Honda understands that your vehicle needs the proper fluids in your vehicle - just any fluid can cause major problems for your Honda vehicle. We carry OEM (original equipment manufacturer) fluids in our shop, meaning that they are manufactured specifically for your Honda and work best with your Honda. We also welcome drivers of other models and makes to visit our shop as well.

Honda Transaxle Fluid Service In Tampa FL | How to Check Transaxle Fluid Level?

Like most fluids in your vehicle, there is a corresponding dipstick (usually located somewhat near your oil dipstick) that you may pull on to check the fluid levels in your car. If you have a manual vehicle, then it is likely that your car must be checked by a technician because your car will need to be hoisted up with heavy machinery so that the dipstick must be reached.

Palm Harbor Honda is located on Adamo Drive, right in the heart of Tampa Bay. We are easy to get to from anywhere in the Tampa Bay. See why many people are depending on our service center daily - and why others are making the switch every day to Palm Harbor Honda, your trusted source for Honda service in Tampa!

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