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As a Honda dealership, Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda caters to the automobile needs of anyone who lives in Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater, among other cities and towns that comprise the Tampa Bay Area. And if you don't have a Honda, it doesn't matter. At Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda, each automobile technician is certified to service any vehicle-from economy cars to gas-guzzling heavy-duty trucks.

High Mileage Oil Change | Synthetic Oil Change Coupons Tampa

Unless you own a classic car that you drive only under certain conditions, you probably have many of miles on your pre-owned engine if your car is over 7 years old. Today's vehicles are generally capable of racking up more miles than those of a generation ago. However, the secret to make a vehicle last forever is still the same: keep up with maintenance. High mileage vehicles require more care than younger ones, that's no secret. You can keep your Honda running like new by using high mileage or full synthetic oil whenever you get an oil change. Courtesy Honda as a variety of oil change services just like these to help you keep from breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more!

Synthetic Blend Oil Change | Conventional Oil Change Tampa

At Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda, we are proud to serve our customers in Tampa, Palm Harbor, New Port RIchey, & Pinellas Park. We offer different types of motor oil for you to choose from like full synthetic oil changes, conventional oil changes, high mileage oil changes and synthetic blend oil changes (also known as semi-synthetic). Schedule your next service appointment online and experience the difference!

Our mechanics are some of the fastest express oil changers in the Tampa Bay area. Kick up your feet and relax in our service lounge while you take advantage of your Valvoline oil change coupons and discounts from our service & coupons pages. To take advantage of our massive sales offers makes sure you schedule an appointment today at our service center.

Oil Change Service

Also expect one more thing at Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda: original equipment manufacturer (OEM parts) for every service. Parts always come from straight from Honda, thus ensuring that they get Honda's trademark stamp of reliability and quality, as well as exact specifications dictated by the manufacturer. Thus, you wouldn't have to worry about what brand the parts used for your vehicle are, where they come from, whether they're new or used, and whether they would even last on your Honda. Plus, every OEM part used on your vehicle is covered by a warranty, thereby giving you the utmost assurance. At Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda, auto mechanics show that they care about their customers-in every single way!

Looking for oil change discounts & and coupons? Look no further than our services and specials page. We offer discounts on Synthetic & Synthetic blend oil changes and our coupons cover Valvoline oil change coupons and Valvoline oil change discounts as well! We are happy to offer you the bands you love at the prices you deserve. All of our coupons are not limited to any particular brand so enjoy firestone coupon discounts as well.