Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists and Bicyclists


It’s summertime, which means that people are out there enjoying the warm weather. That includes who are cruising around to soak up the summer sun. But those of us on the roads need to be aware. It’s not just us in cars who are out there enjoying the temperatures, but it’s also those on motorcycles and bicycles.  

But as more motorcycle and bike riders take to the streets, another more fatal statistic also increases - collision fatalities. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 60 percent of motorcycle crash fatalities and 51 percent of bicycle crash fatalities in 2015 occurred from May through September, and most of those untimely deaths resulted from collisions with cars.

Here are some tips for sharing the road this summer:

For those who are driving vehicles, you’ll want to make sure you use your eyes. Drivers should remain alert and expect to see an increased number of motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians during the summer months. Drivers should make sure to take extra care when checking your blind spot, especially since motorcycles and bicycles are more difficult to spot due to their smaller size. It’s also more difficult judge their speed too. Also, don’t tailgate or recklessly pass a motorcyclist. You should instead allow at least three feet of space between your vehicle and bicycles while passing. And when driving behind one of these vehicles, you should make sure to maintain a longer following time of around four seconds.

For those driving motorcycles, you should remain predictable. It’s easy to want to whip around other drivers on the road, but maintaining a constant speed, as well as not weaving in between traffic will help to keep you safe. Speeding on a motorcycle is a cause of the majority of fatal crashes. Also, make sure you wear protective materials, like helmets and protective clothing.

When you’re on a bike, it’s easy to not consider yourself as a vehicle, but in actuality, in most states, you are. That means you’ll need to share the road just like the cars on the road. When sharing the road with cars, cyclists should behave like their four-wheeled companions: Ride in the center of a lane if there is no bike lane available, signal turns properly and avoid sudden maneuvers. Also, make sure to wear a helmet, as well as bright colored or reflective clothing at night so people can see you.

Stay safe when traveling on the roadways this summer, make sure to utilize these tips. 
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